We are open for business with at-home and in-office options. 

Dr. May Responds to COVID-19

Experience an All-Natural, Non-Surgical Treatment for Neuropathy...

from the Comfort and Safety of Home!


We are thrilled to introduce you to our all-natural, online and accessible program: 


Dr. May's 4 Steps to Neuropathy Relief! 


Without harmful medications or invasive surgeries, we've seen this program literally transform the lives of our patients through a personalized game plan created just for you, focusing on the four steps to transformation:


We emphasize nutrition, as it’s an integral part of reducing inflammation. Our nutrition plans are catered specifically to you and our philosophy in this area helps our patients succeed: the goal is progress, not perfection. 


We use supplements to soothe irritated nerves and increase blood circulation. This part of the treatment is short-term and targeted to produce immediate results.


You will be using two machines that have been cleared by the FDA, providing low-level light therapy and electronic stimulation to rebuild your nerves and decrease pain levels. These are included in the cost of treatment, warrantied, and yours for life. 


We’re with you no matter where you are in the country…every step of the way! Our ongoing, virtual online support is critical as you heal and grow stronger. Our professional, trained staff connect with you LIVE over online communication platforms. And with the support of your family, friends—along with your focus and commitment—you’ll have everything you need to succeed!

Hope Begins Here.

Our Neuropathy Treatment Has Proven Results.

Dr. May literally searched the world for the secret combination of solutions our program provides, and now we're thrilled to make it available to you!

And the truth is, you’re not going to find our specific program anywhere else

The results we witness in our patients on a regular basis are unparalleled, and we are confident if you commit to the comprehensive treatment our program outlines, your life will be changed too.

Get Your Swagger Back

Imagine life filled with energy and renewed confidence.

What would it feel like to get back to work... or back out on the water? Or to be able to play with the grandkids again?

The cost is too high to live in pain, dependent on others, tethered to machines and medications... or worse, in danger of amputation or even losing your life.

Today is the day to take a step towards getting your life back. THERE IS HOPE.

Hope begins here...

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